1. On entry in to the Library student and staff should sign in the attendance register.

  2. Students should bring their ID. Without ID card they are not allowed in the Library and should often see the notice board.

  3. Library books will be issued for a period of ONE WEEK, Reference service on all working days.

  4. ID card is not transferable; students are responsible for the book issued to the concerned.


  5. Books returned by the readers beyond the specified duration attract fine of Rs. 1 per book per day up to 1 week.


  6. Readers shall not write in or mark or otherwise disfigure/damage books, furniture etc. in case of such damage three times the cost of the articles shall be paid by the users or the article shall be replaced by the users


  7. All the readers should keep their personal belonging, bags, text book at the property counter & can carry note books and other valuables. The library staff is not responsible for any loss.


  8. Books for reference in the library will be issued on the producing identity card.


  9. Reference books shall not be taken out of the library premises.


  10. Newspapers, periodicals and magazines will not be issued for home reading.


  11. The operation of issuing and returning of library books have been computerized with Barcode.


  12. Readers shall observe strict silence and discipline in the library premises. Cell phones I pod are strictly prohibited in the library.


  13. Library provides an open access facility to students to search the books directly from the cupboards & select book.


  14. At the end of the academic year or after the examination whichever is earlier, students is required to return all the books. Otherwise documents will be held up/forfeit.

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